MES DAMES is an homage to the gentlewoman of today. A refined balance between clean Nordic lines and soft French sensuality combined with precise tailoring and high quality materials.

We believe in beauty, strong women and progress. The name MES DAMES comes from our inspiration; interesting women, full of character. Our collections are each inspired by a muse. Be they historical heroines, fictional characters or present role models. We let the spirit of the muse inspire the collection and at the same time we hope to promote these inspiring women who deserves more attention.

Lisa Wikander founded MES DAMES in Paris in 2009. Today we are based in Stockholm.

Wearing MES DAMES should make you feel feminine and elegant, yet strong and fearless and inspired to make an impact, just like the muses. Everyone who gets that feeling becomes one of the MES DAMES - my women! 

The look and sensation of wearing MES DAMES is the result of our constant focus on quality. We strive to offer you the highest quality in everything we do; from the design and cut itself to the choice of material, the details and foremost the belief that great style is timeless. As it has been said: “the difference between fashion and style is quality”.

Our collections are made to last. They are timeless and they overlap in an interwoven line of continuity. Take good care of your clothes, and they will take good care of you.


For the A / W 15 collection, La femme qui pleure, we welcome  the avantagardist artist Dora Maar as our muse. Dora’s surrealist expression in photography or paintings, and her attention to details and playfulness with proportions is the  fundament and inspiration.

A black and white palette and muffled tones on rich materials creates the core of the collection. Experimenting with cuts and proportions, details and drapings, the A/W 15 collection reflects the work of Dora Maar. Vivid accent colours and an eye print tie together the line to a beautiful whole created for today’s gentlewoman.

SPRING/SUMMER 2015:              // MULTIVERSE //

For the 2015 S/S collection, we welcome the pioneering and determined Henrietta Swan Leawitt as our muse. Henrietta’s assiduous research and discoveries in the relation between stars and galaxies, creates the fundament and inspiration for this collection. Graphic canopies, abstract multiverse and perforated textiles are the core of our expression. Heavy denim in combination with light, transparent organza creates contrasts and dynamics. The colour range for this collection stretches from white tones via stifled blue and grey scales to black. The accent colour is orange and reflects the strong light of a burning star. Henrietta’s curiosity and braveness takes us on a journey in the universe. 

Henrietta’s strict laboratory uniforms and the durable fabrics of her era influence the S/S 15 line. Also the shape of the circle plays an important role  and is portrayed in different ways throughout the collection. We upgrade and develop our feminine image to an urban active outfit. Casual as well as luxurious.

AUTUMN/WINTER 2014:               // JEANNE D’ARC //


For the 2014 A/W collection, we welcome the 15th century heroine Jeanne d’Arc as our source of inspiration. Jeannes’ single-minded progress and conviction to complete her divine mission creates the source of our expression. Strength and vulnerability characterized her life and personality. She is our contradiction and she is our muse. Her fearless femininity guides our show and the collection.

Jeanne’s armour in combination with slim ankles and voluminous torso, influences the silhouette. Thick wools and fine web laces in combination create a contrast between heavy protection and exposed body parts, and shows the contradiction between strength and vulnerability.

We explore the shapes and functions of the medieval battle dress and translate it into a modern, exclusive and feminine outfit. Knees and elbows are constructed and accentuated. The shield effect of the cuirass and the hood are explored. A collection of female bravery.